Thursday, October 20, 2016


Today is the day! Get ready for #Grade3Genius!

Genius Hour is a concept originated from a Google business practice. Google gave their employees 20% of their time at work to do something that wasn’t necessarily in their “job description”; something they were passionate about, wanted to explore, as long as it had potential to enhance the company. From this practice, where employees were given time to work on their “Passion Projects”, came 50% of Google products, including GMail, Google Talk and Google News.

Genius Hour applies that same principle to the classroom. It will be a time once a week, where students can explore their own passions and have a choice in what they learn. Students will be designing a driving question and will create a “Passion Project” trying to answer that question. Students have been working for weeks during our "Wonder time" to begin to tailor these driving questions and raise their awareness of the problems and issues in the world around them. GeniusHour is completely student directed and connects to next generation learning standards. Both ISTE Standards as well as the NJ Student Learning Standards invite creativity, freedom, deeper thinking and understanding. GeniusHour allows students to research, plan, and set goals for what THEY want to learn about. GeniusHour is cultivating life long learners by allowing students to choose what they want to learn, and how they want to learn it.

I am excited to begin and will be continuously updating you on our progress and our journey with Genius Hour! I can’t wait to see all of the learning and creations students come up with! :)

Follow along with us @FVgrade3 using our Genius Hour Twitter hashtag #Grade3Genius


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